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Noise Survey & Dosimetry Study

Ensuring Workplace Safety with Noise and Dosimetry Studies

If you're operating in the industrial sector, ensuring compliance with OSHA's noise limits is paramount for your organization's safety and success. Many are unaware that OSHA recommends a noise and dosimetry study every two years, and immediately after any changes to a workspace. Failing to adhere to these guidelines could lead to mandatory Hearing Conservation Programs, disrupting your operations.

Here at Workplace Integra, our expert Occupational Audiologists and certified technicians are ready to conduct in-depth noise surveys and dosimetry studies. We offer comprehensive documentation of your facility's noise measurements, complete analyses, and valuable recommendations for OSHA compliance.

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Noise and Dosimetry Studies

Navigating workplace safety can be complicated - and high on the list of considerations is noise exposure. This involves an assessment of noise levels throughout various workspaces and an evaluation of individual exposure over time. That's where noise and dosimetry studies come in.

Our noise studies employ advanced technology to measure sound levels precisely in your workplace, providing you with much-needed insights into how noise exposure is affecting your employees. Excessive noise levels can cause irreversible damage to hearing and other health issues, making these studies essential for identifying risks and implementing proper solutions for employee safety.

With a focus on occupational noise exposure, our dosimetry studies use dosimeters to calculate the Time-Weighted Average (TWA) noise exposure levels throughout an entire work shift. These devices, worn by your employees, continuously monitor noise levels and offer real-time data for accurate TWA computation, a critical indicator for compliance with OSHA's permissible exposure limits for noise.

Compliance with OSHA Regulations: A Step Towards Safer Workspaces

Following OSHA's guidelines for noise exposure is not just about adhering to regulations. It's about creating safe spaces for your employees. By conducting regular noise and dosimetry studies, you can show your commitment to the health and safety of your workforce.

Our team at Workplace Integra is dedicated to assisting you in these efforts by providing detailed reports and practical recommendations for any identified risks. Our mission is to contribute to your goal of a safe and healthy workplace for each of your employees.

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Noise and dosimetry studies are key elements in endorsing workplace safety and compliance with OSHA regulations. With thorough assessments and the right measures, you can mitigate risks, protect your employees, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Reach out to us for further consultation or assistance regarding noise and dosimetry studies for your workplace. We are just a call away.

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