IntegraFit Fit Protection to prevent hearing loss  before it starts

Quantitative Fit Testing for Earplugs

  Hearing Protection Fit Testing is Essential to your Hearing Conservation Program and preventing hearing loss - before it starts.

INTEGRAfit is a professional, quantitative fit testing device for all types of in-ear hearing protection. INTEGRAfit’s iOS iPad App and custom headset work as a stand-alone testing and education device that measures noise reduction under actual working conditions. INTEGRAfit fully integrates with Workplace Applications Audio Software to document, record and evaluate your employees’ test results. INTEGRAfit accurately measures the Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) on 99% of employees exposed to workplace noise.

  • iPad testing device for ANY in-ear HPD
    • measures noise reduction under actual working conditions (REAT)
    • verifies fit for in-ear hearing protection devices - including custom HPDs
    • educates employees on how to correctly insert and wear earplugs
  • compliance and training testing modes
    • testing completed in 3-5 minutes (~3 mins for tests at 500Hz only)
  • provides accurate real time PAR (Personal Attenuation Rating) measurements
    • replaces inaccurate NRR laboratory ratings
  • data import/export via csv file - fully integrates with Workplace Applications
    • individual and group reports available
IntegraFit Fit Protection

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Do your employees know how to properly insert their earplugs?


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