Industrial Workers Hearing Conservation
Consulting and Services Overview

Hearing Conservation Services, Protecting the Hearing of American Workers

Workplace Integra offers comprehensive services to help establish and support your Hearing Conservation Program. Whether your company is exploring a new program, or has an existing program, we can deliver turn-key solutions to ensure your program's success.

At Workplace Integra, we measure success by preventing hearing loss and documenting all OSHA 1910.95 requirements have been met or exceeded. Our CAOHC Certified Technicians and Audiologists work directly with you to make sure hearing tests are valid, noise levels are correctly measured, audiograms are professionally reviewed and employees are properly notified.

Why Workplace Integra?

Workplace Integra is dedicated to assisting our customers conserve the hearing of America's workforce. Our services are designed to do more than simply accommodate OSHA requirements; we want to support our nation's employers in protecting their people from hearing loss through a service that provides 360 degree guidance, oversight and support.

Our programs are run by full-time, staff Audiologists who are directly involved with our client companies. Our objective is to ensure that your Hearing Conservation Program and internal team are fully supported and that assistance is directly available as needed. We work with companies of all sizes and industries and pride ourselves in helping establish and maintain their hearing conservation program.