Occupational Hearing Conservation Specialists

Certified Occupational Hearing Conservation Specialists

Our solutions focus on preventing hearing loss and meeting OSHA regulations, serving businesses of all sizes and industries.

Hearing Conservation Software and Services

Workplace Integra offers comprehensive occupational conservation services to companies with excessive noise levels in their workplace environments. We work with companies of various sizes and industries to deliver solutions that prevent hearing loss and ensure compliance with OSHA regulations. We supply all software and services to launch and/or maintain your hearing conservation program.

OSHA approved audiometric testing, STS review, reporting + documentation

OSHA Approved On-Site Mobile Audiometric Testing

CAOHC Certified Mobile Hearing Testing Provided at Your Location

OSHA Compliant Audiometric Testing and STS Review

Minimize your workers’ downtime, with our convenient on-site mobile hearing testing, conducted by CAOHC certified audiometric technicians under the supervision of certified and licensed Occupational Audiologists. Let us bring OSHA-required audiometric exams right to your facility!

Services available on-site include:
  • Hearing Test + Notification + Audio Reviews
  • OSHA Compliant Hearing Conservation Education
  • Employee Hearing Protection Fit Training
  • Hearing Protection Fit Testing by INTEGRAfit
  • Noise Survey + Dosimetry Study

In-House Hearing Conservation Program


Workplace Integra is passionate about protecting the hearing of America's workforce. We have developed a complete, turnkey software and support solution for your in-house hearing conservation program. Our services ensure OSHA compliance is met and hearing tests are properly reviewed and documented. Our staff of audiologists and software support techs partner with you to manage your program and prevent hearing loss - before it starts.

We Supply Everything You Need...

Audiometric Test Reviews & "Next-Step" Guidance
Workplace Applications Reporting & Data Management Software
Direct Access to Audiologist and Tech Support Team
Oversight of All Aspects of Compliance & Reporting
Work-Related Determination Reporting
Employee Education to Promote Hearing Loss Prevention

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